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PVC Windows

PVC Windows
We offer a large selection of systems, thermal profiles, unlimited customisation possibilities and a wide range of accessories. Our PVC windows are always adaptable to the building in which they will be installed.

Versatility is the keyword.
Thanks to the customisation options offered by Alfa Lum, it is possible to change both colour and texture to suit different aesthetic requirements and stand out from classic white.
Their energy efficiency is a key advantage. With one of the lowest thermal insulation coefficients on the market, we guarantee low energy bills and thermal comfort all year round, saving on both heating and air conditioning.

Noise reduction is a widely sought-after advantage of PVC windows. Even without the use of special technologies, such as different glass thicknesses or sound-absorbing films in double-glazed packages, standard 2- or 3-glazed packages already offer good sound insulation performance.

Alfa Lum has a range of PVC windows that comply with the strict standards of modern production. This ensures that the windows supplied to our customers have the expected size and performance, guaranteeing a long service life. In addition, all windows manufactured by Alfa Lum are covered by a warranty of several years, which means that any manufacturing defects will be rectified at the supplaier's expense.