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Our values

The values of Alfa Lum success

A guarantee of maximum living comfort while respecting the environment and safety.
The products manufactured are all patented and certified.They reduce consumption, guarantee a high level of safety and enhance the environment by qualifying them as a modern, comfortable and safe piece of furniture.


We have been accumulating experience and expertise in our industry since 1967. We carefully select our suppliers and collaborators to guarantee the highest quality of offer and service. 


We offer comprehensive support at all stages of our cooperation. 
We provide sales support to provide ad hoc solutions that are effective, flexible and competitive. 


We have developed a wide range of products from a single source: Alfa Lum.
This approach saves the buyer both time and money by simplifying the purchasing process. Our offer is carefully selected to ensure a long product life as well as the quality of the materials, which include PVC, aluminium and steel. 

Delivery Times

We know that our offer should not be limited to products but also to services.
In our industry, the availability of material is significant, which is why we rely on the best transports in order to fulfil orders in approximately 3 Weeks within the national territory. But we do not limit ourselves only to our own borders! 


Our design service is highly professional and offers innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions, covering graphic, industrial and interior design. We start with a thorough analysis of the client's needs, then our team creates customised solutions with great attention to detail. We use advanced technology to create prototypes, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our extensive industry experience, we provide customised design services that exceed customer expectations. 


Our customer service is highly professional and aimed at ensuring a high level of customer experience. Our highly qualified team responds promptly to customers' questions and requests, offering quick solutions to their problems. We provide support via email and telephone for constant and trasparent communication.
We collect and use customer feedback to constantly improve our services and products, with the primary goal of ensuring full customer satisfaction at every stage of thei journey.  
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