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PVC Sliding Systems

Sliding doors or windows are characterised by their ability to maximise interior lighting thanks to large glazing. This solution is ideal for builders wishing to replace walls with glass and eliminate unnecessary obstacles. Through the use of specialised glazing and additional window elements, such as roller shutters and blinds, the amount of light and heat entering the room can be easily controlled. Of course, every combination is possible at Alfa Lum.

The PVC sliding systems offered by Alfa Lum offer the flexibility to suit every vision. These PVC systems exploit the unique characteristics of the material and technology, thus offering different options for the installation of customised solutions, with various levels of visibility of the system components and different threshold heights. With the Harmonic Sliding option, the partition can be completely removed by folding and moving the door in a desired direction.

Alfa Lum offers PVC sliding systems in its catalogue that are known for their superior reliability. This level of reliability is the result of high-quality production, which ensures that all components meet the required specifications. Meticulous workmanship and high precision ensure that the components fit together flawlessly, guaranteeing the tightness of the system.